Please remember that when you are calling any one of the bus companies for a reservation, and you are Not from the NY, NJ, or CT area, please let them know where you are coming from, that way your reservation will have more of a chance of being honored. 

It would be wise to also let the prison info/facility know as well, since at most times only two adults are allowed to visit at one time on the weekends.  People who are travelling and bringing extra out of town family/friends to see their loved ones should make sure to follow the above suggestions.

Every visitor must present one form of valid ID containing a distinguishable photograph and signature. A valid ID card must be unexpired.  The types of verifiable personal ID include but are not limited to the following:

*Driver's license with photo and signature (not limited to New York State)
*An alien photo ID card
*Passspot identification
*School identification
*Employment ID card (not required to have an expiration date)
*U.S. Armed Forces ID
*New York State Department of Motor Vehicle Non- Drivers License ID